Minami | Japanese Restaurant

Today, I wanted to introduce one of my favorite Japanese restaurant in town, Minami.

They are very famous for their oshi sushi – also they are a sister company with Miku (another beautiful restaurant located at Waterfront, downtown). Minami is located in Yaletown, which is full of famous and delicious restaurant. I love Yaletown because of its own distinct atmosphere it has! Highly recommend you guys to visit Yaletown for yummy meals.

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Cacao 70 Dip Shop

Who can say no to a delicious ice cream on a sunny day?
Today, I want to talk about an ice cream shop located near Gastown. If you’re a dessert lover, you must know Cacao 70. They have multiple locations: Denman, Lonsdale Quay, Bayview, and Gastown.

I wanted to try their newest location in Gastown, which is a dip shop. You can dip the ice cream into your favourite dippings of your choice! I visited after my class with my friends and it was definitely a great after class treat for students who have school in downtown!

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Perfume Collection

Hello everyone 🙂

I decided to switch things a bit today by sharing my perfume collection with you guys! I love perfumes and used up many different ones but I definitely have a scent that’s my taste. I usually enjoy light, floral and fresh scents because I don’t like heavy scents too much. Scents are a totally personal preference but I adore floral, fresh scents because I think it’s a good representation of me.

Here is a sneak peak of my small perfume collection.

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Joe Fortes: Happy Hour

If you’re a true foodie, you enjoy going to happy hours.

I love going to happy hour for restaurants because it lets me enjoy different kind of dishes at a cheaper price in budget! Perfect for poor university students who can’t afford to have very expensive and fancy dinner at the restaurants you always wanted to go to!

Also, oyster is one of my favourite food in the world, but we all know it can be a bit pricey right? Well, look for happy hours or buck-a-shuck deals nearby! Many restaurants in Vancouver have buck-a-shuck deal for oysters, especially during happy hour. I was craving oysters so badly, so I was searching few places to get good deals and came across one of my favourite places, Joe Fortes.

At Joe Fortes, if you want the happy hour deal you must visit during 4-6pm and sit at the bar only. It can be a bit squishy and tight but it’s still a nice experience because you can actually see the people open up oysters and have it right in front of you quickly!

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