Hi everyone! Long time no see 🙂

It’s been awhile since I posted a foodie post. Today, I wanted to talk about Raisu. I’m sure foodie lovers out there already know this place or heard about it. Raisu is a Japanese cuisine in Kitsilano, Vancouver. It’s located in the famous, W 4th avenue, where numerous famous restaurants are located at. Raisu is also part of one of the most famous Japanese restaurant group in Vancouver. This restaurant group contains Raisu, Kingyo, Rajio and Suika. All of these restaurants are very famous and known for delicious food in town! They are all worth checking into.

I visited with my family and my boyfriend for our early end of year dinner. This was my first time visiting the restaurant so I was very excited because I had few friends who recommended this place. Raisu is also very famous for their Sho Ka Do Bento, which is limited 15 serving per meal and Deluxe Seafood Bowl. We knew they had very few limited servings, so we made our reservation at 5pm, when they open for dinner time. Because we were dyeing to try them out, we had to make sure we were there when they first open for dinner.

This restaurant had a very nice Japanese vibe to the place and made it seem like an actual authentic restaurant located in Japan. The staff were friendly and the atmosphere itself was very nice as well. It can be a bit noisy at times because they usually greet customers very loudly in Japanese. Although it didn’t bother me, my dad was not a fan of this because he enjoys a quite place when eating. Also, not to mention the food takes quite a bit of time to be served and it is mentioned on the menu as well. I guess preparing for the food takes , but we definitely waited about 30 minutes for our food to be served. Here are some pictures of our food.

Overall, the food was very good but I was a bit disappointed with their famous, Sho Ka Do Bento (second picture). It was delicious but it wasn’t anything special nor did it wow me. I’m not quite sure why it has limited servings but it wasn’t a dish that wanted to eat again for my next visit. However, Deluxe Seafood Bowl (first picture) was very good! The seafood was very fresh and definitely had that authentic Japanese dish flavored to it. Both dishes were displayed beautifully and it was definitely Instagram worthy for all the Instagram addicts out there 😉 We also tried the Tonkatsu Teishoku, which was amazing with their sauce and Grilled Duck Marinated Sweet Soy, which I didn’t try because I don’t eat duck but heard it was amazing from my family. I was happy with the food and the service they provided. I definitely want to visit again in the future and would surely recommend to Japanese cuisine lovers out there!

Let me know if there’s any other restaurants that you guys want me to check out! I would love to hear. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram because I update where I visit.
Thanks for reading today’s post 🙂

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Yew Seafood + Bar

Hello again to all the foodies! Welcome back 🙂

Couple days ago, it was my 21st birthday and I wanted to share with you guys the birthday dinner I had!

This was my first time at the Yew seafood + bar restaurant and I was very excited to go! For any special occasions, I often go find a new seafood restaurant in Vancouver because seafood is my ultimate favourite. You can never go wrong! Yew seafood is located inside the Four Seasons Hotel, that is also connected to the Pacific Centre. Because it’s a restaurant in a high class hotel, I had high hopes for it and I can definitely say that it met up to my expectations! At first, I was very surprised with the interior and the aesthetic of the restaurant. It had a very high ceiling, extremely interesting interior inside but very luxurious. I also loved that it was an open kitchen, so you could see the chefs cooking the food and the kitchen’s environment as well. The service was also outstanding as my waiter was very kind and helpful to decide on our menus.

Here are some pictures of the inside of the restaurant:



We decided to order Tuna tartar as an appetizer to start with. I’m usually not a huge tuna person but I wanted to give it a shot and it was well worth a shot! The tuna was amazing with the sauce they had as it melted right as I put it in my mouth.


Main Dish

I ordered the Seafood pasta because you can never go wrong with seafood or pasta! I was pleasantly surprised with how well they cooked the seafood. It wasn’t over cooked or under cooked at all. It was simply great! The sauce was a lobster based bisque sauce, which was very rich and creamy.

My boyfriend ordered the Seafood Platter. The seafood platter included prawns, scallops, salmon and something. Not to mention, their plating was phenomenal. Very eye catching and well presented.


After all, I was very happy with the food at the Yew’s and I would definitely recommend this place if you’re looking for a meal to treat yourself! The restaurant, the food and the service is great and it’s definitely one of the most luxurious places I’ve been. Especially for any special occasions, it would be a great place to go!

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Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

Hey guys!

Today, I wanted to talk about one of my favourite dessert place in Downtown Vancouver.

If you live in Vancouver, you probably already heard about Nero Belgian Waffle Bar. It’s famous for its delicious and classic waffles they serve. They have two locations: Robson and Seymour. Due to high volume and its popularity among the people in Vancouver, they opened up a new store, which is located on Seymour street. They are both in the heart of downtown Vancouver, so many tourists and visitors can make a visit as well!

I’ve tried their waffles many times and I can definitely say that it’s one of the few waffles that taste great! Although I’ve never visited Belgium, I feel like Nero did a great job of giving the Canadian people a taste of what Belgium waffles taste like. The restaurant is always packed with people and often, there’s a waiting list, especially during weekend nights. However, the atmosphere of the restaurant is very energetic and fun! Not to mention, their staff are very kind and nice as well.

Here are the menus for the restaurant (found on http://www.nerowafflebar.com/)

They have a variety of choices of their waffles to choose from. One thing that I haven’t tried are the Mini liege waffles. They are smaller version of the waffles and they sell them separately or I’ve seen, coated with chocolate. I also haven’t tried any savoury brussels waffles but I personally don’t like waffles in a combination with other food. I like waffles that are simply with ice cream and fruits, just like a simple dessert!

Here are the Nero Classics that I tried last time I made a visit:

Heaven and Bresilienne 

The Heaven is with the strawberries and as you can imagine, the combination of strawberries, whipped cream and waffles are amazing! We don’t need any more description. I think the picture explains it all!

The Bresilienne was surprisingly very tasty as well. The roasted hazelnut and caramel was a great choice to pair with their classic waffles.

All and all, I definitely recommend this dessert place if you are stopping by in Downtown Vancouver. It’s a great dessert place to hop by if you’re a waffle-lover like me! 🙂

Please comment below what other dessert places I should visit and recommend me your favourite menu!

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Pizzeria Spacca Napoli

Hi everyone!

I wanted to write a review of this restaurant that I went over the weekend! I drove past this restaurant countless times over the years, but never made a visit. I always wanted to go and try their food, but somehow I never had chance till now… This is a Italian Pizzeria restaurant placed in Port Moody, called Pizzeria Spacca Napoli . It claims to be a traditional Italian cuisine! Although I’ve never been to Italy, I think it’s safe for me to say that I’ve got a glimpse of what real Italian food tastes like. I went on a Sunday night, so it was packed with people and I had to wait for a bit to get seated.

I ordered two pizzas: Margherita, Boscaiola and pasta of the day which was a linguine with pesto, basil, zucchini. All of these pizza were brazier style pizza, which we could see the pizza coming out of the brazier as the chef cooks them. I wasn’t expecting much from the pasta, however I was pleasantly surprised how delicious it was! The two pizzas were just as delicious and I have to say their dough and cheese they use are quite amazing. Although I’m not a thin crusted pizza fan, their dough was good enough for me to enjoy the food. It was chewy and soft, which made it easier to eat. Also, the cheese was something that I was happiest with. It was so delicious and also chewy, something that I can never eat at home. Overall, I was very happy with the food and the service there.

Closer look at the food:

One thing that has to stand out for me to be satisfied with the restaurant is the atmosphere. The atmosphere this restaurant had was very nice, calm yet busy, the big fire pot they had definitely symbolizes their famous, authentic pizza they sell. Also, I really liked how they had marbled pattern tables, it surely stood out that they were very ‘trendy’. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves pizza and Italian food! I think I definitely would go back in the future.

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Event: BewhY Concert

On January 21st, 2017, I went to a BewhY concert at the Vogue Theater. Many of you are probably wondering who BeWhy is. He is a Korean rapper that won the famous “Show Me The Money 5” competitive show, which is a show for rappers to come together and have battles to win the final place. After winning the first place, he has become very popular and had a title of ‘Super Rookie’ due to his rising fame in Korean society.

Although I was interested of going to the concert at first, I wasn’t planning to buy the tickets, however I was lucky enough to receive free tickets from my friend, so I went with my boyfriend. The Vogue theater was filled with many people, mostly Korean. There was an opening performance by a rapper, a friend of BewhY called Simba Zawadi and there was also a DJ at the concert as well.


I can definitely say that concert was a big success and it was super fun! It was about 2 hours long and it was very amusing as he rapped his many popular songs. He communicated with the crowd and I could definitely see that he was very happy and was having fun. BewhY mentioned that this was his first ever solo concert/showcase, so he was super honoured and happy about this concert in Vancouver. His songs were great, had no mistakes and simply amazing. All of the crowd enjoyed the concert and I wish I could see him again in the future! Out of the many concerts I’ve been to, it was definitely one of the fun and amusing one!

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Kobe Japanese Steakhouse

Hello to all the foodies out there!

I wanted to share my experience to the Kobe Japanese Steakhouse located at downtown Vancouver on 1042 Alberni St.  It’s located in a great spot, although it’s surrounded by the the famous Glowbal Restaurant Group. This restaurant is a fine dining restaurant along with the expensive price, however it’s not just about the food you eat. It’s about the experience you have at the restaurant. Kobe offers a teppanyaki, authentic Japanese style and the interior and the vibe the restaurant it gives is surely an authentic Japanese style- perhaps a short dip into Japan.

This was my first time going to the restaurant but it was my boyfriend’s 21st birthday, so we wanted to go somewhere special that we haven’t been to. Out of the many choices we had, we decided to go to Kobe because we wanted try the food as well as experience the teppanyaki style cooking, right in front of us. The tables are very small and tightly packed because for each table, there is a teppanyaki grill in the middle of the table that the chef cooks. It was quite an interesting and unique experience that we had at the restaurant because the chef interacts with the customers a lot and make funny jokes, shows off different skills and such. The food was incredible even though I’m not a huge steak person. The seafood they had were amazing and the steak was very different, in a good way compared to a regular steak that you’ll eat at The Keg.

Here are some pictures of the food:


Overall, this place was a great restaurant, despite the price tag, the experience and the service we had was amazing. I would rate this restaurant as 4.5/5 !


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