Process Post #5

For this week’s process post and regarding the lecture:

I enjoyed the guest speakers and their presentation of story telling in brands. I never thought of it as a such an important factor when marketing companies. I did always have in mind that if the companies’ stories are appealing, it surely attracts more audience.

From the lecture, it made me think of my own brand story and the values of my brand. Now I know how important story telling is, I want to create a creative, unique and truthful brand story of my own, personal brand that I have. First of all, my target audience is any young demographic who live in Vancouver that are interested in food, beauty and culture/lifestyle of Vancouver. I wish people come to my website to get a truthful opinion on the products and my personal experience of them. Coming from a perspective who actually lives in Vancouver, I thought it would be more appealing to the audience rather than a foreigner reviewing a particular restaurant or other places to visit, writing a yelp or trip advisor review. I want to help people decide over countless options that they encounter in their daily lives for beauty products or which restaurant to eat at in town.

What’s important is that I need to gather all my values, my story and construct it as an appealing brand story that could attract new audience. The best way to do so I believe, is to truly express myself because this brand is all about me and my experiences!

I will definitely be spending my time coming up and creating my unique brand story for my audience. Also, incorporating them into everything that I post on my blog. Starting from content post, about me page, contact page and any other things that can play a role to represent myself and the brand!

I do feel like this is going to be tough journey, but definitely worth it in the future! 🙂

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