Process Post #5: Authority, Echo Chambers, Online Behaviour

How I’m doing: Blog

After reading my second peer review, it definitely helped me to understand and look at a bigger picture. Since I’m the creator of this blog and it’s a lifestyle blog, it’s hard for me to see what could be wrong and the mistakes. The peer reviews we’ve been doing have been super helpful to detect my mistakes and improve my blog!

Trena, my second peer review partner did an excellent job critiquing my blog and really has helped me to see the errors I made. After reading the peer review, I went over my About section and changed some spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Also, I ended up going to every single post I have made in the past and just looked over if I had any general mistakes that I couldn’t tell when I was writing it. I definitely caught some errors and fixed it. I have added my Facebook link to my social media, get in touch section. Although I didn’t want to share my Facebook at first, I realized putting just my Instagram was too bare and I think it could make my readers feel more connected and get to know me better. Furthermore, I have put up my search bar on the very top of my side bar because she has said that out of all of the widgets I have, it may be hard to find where the search bar was. I do agree and would be more beneficial if I have the search bar at the very top so it doesn’t get lost! I played around with the typography a little bit to the right font size I wanted for my paragraph and the line spacing as well. Overall, Trena’s review of my blog was very helpful and I have made many changes according to her critique! What I thought to myself was I should include more visuals into my blog and make it more eye catching for the readers.

False News Topics Covered in Class: 

My group had talked about Tim Hortons’ employees getting charged for thousands of dollars to win roll up the rim cups. As our group researched online and found couple articles, we realized that there were few articles that were almost exactly the same, written by the same author but was posted into different news websites. All of them were under the Canadian Press but we had no information about the author nor if it was actually true or not. As of that moment, we really couldn’t do much further to find out if this was true or not but based on the articles that was posted, there were couple young, male employees who stole couple boxes of the roll up the rim cups but eventually got caught and fired. We do not know if it was actually worth thousands of dollars or anything because there was no evidence of it and only one or two of them get caught. After doing this exercise and learning about the false news, I have realized that I really shouldn’t be believing everything that’s online. I, myself is guilty of doing a quick research and believing what I saw because I don’t take the time to research further if it’s actually credential and true. I think it’s important to take the time and research further more of the author, where the information/”fact” came from and if it’s actually true. Most of the times, only part of the topics are true and the writers have added something else to make it more viral and eye catching.

Tracking App:  

As of my tracking app, I am still using waterlogged because I think that’s the easiest one to use and keep track of my water usage. However, I have definitely lost my motivation to drink more water and even to track compared to the earlier semester. Even knowing I should be tracking more, it’s been really hard to track the exact amount of water I intake and I end up forgetting about it. Also, I think to my self I’ll eventually end up adding everything and just track it at the end of the night, but when I remember, it’s already passed midnight and I failed to track my usage. I definitely need to be more motivated and keep track more, especially because I chose this specific tracking to keep me more motivated and posed a challenge to myself.

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