Process Post #8: The Global Picture

For this week’s process post, I’m analyzing my Google Analytics. When I installed Google analytics at the beginning of the semester, I’ve always went back to see the dashboard and see the result every time I logged in. It’s very interesting to see how many viewers you get and what kind of content they are interested in and so on. I think this is a great tool to really analyze what the my audience likes and enjoys on my blog. Analyzing what kind of content my audience likes and attracts them can definitely help me create content that’s gonna bring more people and get more views to my blog!

I really liked the fact that I could see how many page views I got in the past week or so. I always thought no one was really interested in my personal blog and I didn’t get much viewers. However, with Google analytics, I found out that more people were coming to look at my blog and read my content, which was surprising. I could definitely tell that the day I posted something or the day after, I got more page viewers and such. This helped me to realize that I could really space out on the days I post my content. I used to post something twice a day, or the day after I posted another, but with the help of Google analytics, I learned to space out my posting so it could bring more people to my blog.

Also, what surprised me the most was the fact that actually many people were coming back to read my blog. I thought the people who came to my blog would read one post and never come back, but a significant amount of people were returning users, 32% coming back within the last few weeks! I could surely see that people were waiting for my upcoming posts and learned how to incorporate a sneak peak of my future post to make people come back in the future. In addition, after I put the ‘Contact’ menu on my blog, I found that many people have clicked it and I guess, somewhat interested in to contact me. It has only been a week I created the contact menu but it was one of the top, most viewed page on my blog! It’s nice to see the changes I’m making in my blog makes a difference and attract audience.

I definitely think that my audience is young people (20’s-30’s) that lives around Vancouver. I found that many people around the cities here come to read my blog, most likely because of my foodie post and lifestyle post which is based on Vancouver. It wasn’t surprising to see that many women come to read my beauty posts, but a lot of people have men have been coming as well. I always limited my audience to females due to thinking many men wouldn’t be interested in my personal blog because originally, I was focusing on beauty. However, incorporating foodie post and lifestyle post has surely brought more male to my blog and broadened my audience. Analyzing Google Analytics, I’ve learned to see what kind of audience I have for my blog and the unexpected factors that shows up. I learned how to use this tool to create certain type of content for my blog and broaden my audience!

Tracking App: For the past week, I’ve been trying to motivate myself to drink more water by bringing my portable water bottle. However, it’s not an easy change for me, therefore I’m lacking to drink more water. I’m catching myself to drink water just so I can track it. Also, I’m struggling to record how much I’m drinking due to laziness and simply just forgetting about it. I sometimes get notifications from the app to drink water, which is a nice reminder for me to drink water and record it!

Glimpse of my tracking app for the past few days:

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