Process Post #7: Marketing, Audience, & Analytics

Since this is week 8 and I feel more comfortable to blogging and knowing my audience, lately I’ve been focusing on how to improve my blog for my audience that I have. Over the past week, I’ve changed couple things on my main sidebar menu and I have added ‘Contact’ to my main menu bar. After Suzanne has mentioned about this in lecture, I thought that having a Contact menu, where people can click to contact me for any reasons, at any times will be efficient and increase my interaction with my audience. As of now, I think I can say that I am pretty happy and satisfied with how my blog looks like and its functions. I think that I can surely think of more things to help me increase my interaction with my audience and having to promote myself to the audience but I don’t necessarily want to promote my blog through my social media.

Here is what I’ve added and how my blog looks like as of now:

Furthermore, the lecture that we had this week made me think deeper into monetization. I never necessarily thought that I needed to monetize my blog because I just simply didn’t feel the need of it. However, I think that monetizing can be a very interesting aspect that I can take on to take my blog into a next level. I always thought that ads on blogs or any other websites are very annoying and useless. Although it’s annoying, I know that the ads actually works and is effective. I think that having ads that are relatable to my posts and my blog in general can be helpful for my audience and myself. I think that it’s important to have a limit on the number of ads that shows up on the blog because an excessive amount can cut down the visitors for my blog. I won’t know how many ads are acceptable until I actually put ads on my blog and experiment with it. As of right now, I’m not 100% sure if I want ads in my blog. I’m leaning towards not having ads on my blog and not monetize it because I think that monetizing the blog will require as much as more work that needs to be put in. In the future, if I decided to monetize my blog, I will use Google Adsense to put ads and monetize it. I will have to choose what kind of ads are put into my blog and only use the ones that are relatable to my blog, so there’s no random advertisements that are showing up.

Tracking App: So far, I’ve been good at tracking my water usage everyday. Although the information may not be 100% exact, I’ve been reminding myself to keep tracking everyday. I think it’s safe for me to say I have failed to motivate myself to drink more water through this tracking app. It has help me stay motivated at first for the first couple weeks, but after that my water drinking was pretty much exactly same as it was before I started this tracking. I have noticed that the days I work, I drink more water because I get more dehydrated and thirsty  because I talk and move around a lot more. Therefore, I’ve been trying to drink more water for the days that I’m at school and don’t work.

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