Process Post #6: Publishers/Authors/Texts

For this week, I’ve spent a lot of time on thinking about how my blog looks like to my audience and comparing the differences/similarities with my favourite bloggers that I visit.  I often get inspiration from my favourite beauty bloggers such as the overall theme, the vibe that the blog has, certain ideas for my posts and many more. I don’t directly copy anything from their blogs because that would be copying their hard work and would cause copyright issues, but getting inspirations from them definitely helps me to be creative with my blog and create my audience.

I have also been thinking about couple strategies that could help me interact more with my audience and to help me build my community. I’ve added a plugin ‘Email Subscribers’, which people could put their name and email to be subscribed to my blog, receiving emails when there’s a new post. This will definitely help me build my own community around my blog and bring people come back to my blog, creating a bigger community. Other than writing comments  like: ‘Comment below and tell me your favourite products’, this plug in will be a very beneficial strategy that can physically make visitors to come back and I hope it really works!


Remixing something to catch the reader’s attention to my posts are surely important to have and a great strategy to use. For my previous post ‘February: Beauty & Fashion Wishlist’, I’ve created a collage of products that I wish to get my hands on. Creating this collage wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve done and definitely took some time. However, conclusively, I think that a collage is a great representation of the my main message and catches the reader’s attention quicker. It’s a much faster way to know rather than scrolling down to see what products there are and see the details. I’ve also provided a list of the products with the details for people who really wants to know what kind of products they are. As many bloggers has used this strategy, I think that it’s definitely a good and easy, start up strategy to remix and attract attention.

Here is a picture of the collage I’ve created:

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