Process Post #4: Designing Yourself

This week’s lecture about design was very informative, helpful and got me thinking deeper about my blog. I definitely took into consideration of the design aspect of my blog and how I can make things more appealing and attractive to the readers. Firstly, I noticed that my blog main menus were too broad. I only had: Home, About, Blog Post and Posiel. This did not help the readers right off the bat what my blog is going to be about. Just looking at my very front page of the blog did not have much information on what my blog is about. Therefore I made some changes to adding more menus. I have added Beauty, Foodie, Lifestyle in addition to my other ones. This will help the readers to recognize what things that the audience can be expecting from my blog.

I also changed the front static page to a different picture that I liked more and suited my theme more. I wanted a bit more colour to my blog so I added a picture that didn’t have too much bright colour but the image was still soft and simple that blended right through my blog. I personally thought the typography, font and everything was nice the way it is from default, hence I chose this theme. The white space in my opinion is just as much as I wanted for my simple, minimalist theme. I really like how the overall blog has a black and white colour scheme with pop of colours coming from the different images I have, so it is more eye catching. I have tweaked a little bit on my About page to guide it more towards my blog but still incorporated information about me, since this blog is a lifestyle blog about me and my experiences with beauty, food, etc. One thing I really wish to fix is the name of my blog. I’m having trouble coming up with a unique but creative title for my blog. I just have my name for the title as of now, but I wish to change it to a simple, short title, which I will have to work on. Overall, I am content with the look of my blog compared to last week since I am more familiar with the design and the overall look that my blog is giving to the readers. I wish to add more things that could really be interesting and that could represent me. It does seem a little bare at the moment and although I like that look, the readers may like a look that’s more attractive and eye catching to look at.

Here is a picture of how my blog looks like currently:

Tracking App: I have changed my tracking app to Waterlogged, instead of My Water because this blog was easier and simpler to use. I’ve been trying my best to track everyday of my water drinking and hoped that this would help me drink water more. It definitely helped me to drink more at first, but after couple weeks, I have to admit that I’ve been lacking a bit and even forgetting to track them in some days. One thing that made me slack off was that I would drink couple sips of water and forget to track it. Also, it’s hard to know exactly how much I drank so it’s harder for me to log it. Because I’m not a regular basis water drinker and I drink way more juice and coffee, I have been trying to log my other liquid consumption but as of today, it really hasn’t helped me drink more water and I need to try to remember to log it more frequently.

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