Process Post #3: Publics

For this week, I am happy to say that I have met my goals that I set up last week!

The goals were knowing and putting a front static page and putting About Me/Blog section in the side bar. I was difficult at first to navigate where I was suppose to go and set up my page and the tool bar, however after playing with the different menus and pages, I have finally figured out how to set up my page. Also by creating the about me section in the side bar, it’s easier for the readers to grasp who I am and what this blog is going to be about more easily!

Public and audience were the main points to learn, as we talked about in lecture this week. Warner mentioned that “A public is a space of discourse organized by nothing other than discourse itself…it is a second thing, concrete audience, crowd witnessing itself in visible space” (2002). This reading and the lecture triggered me to think deeper into who my audience was and how could I make my blog to make it more geared to my audience? Since my blog is a lifestyle blog where I simply blog about my life and the favourite things that I’m enjoying. My audience will be females around my age, 20-25 years old who enjoys beauty products, food and many other diverse things that goes around in Vancouver. It definitely targets more to people who live in Vancouver because a lot of my posts will be geared towards the restaurants, events, places in Vancouver. I wanted my blog to be a place where anyone could come read my posts without stressing even more and potentially could be break from their lives. Therefore I kept my blog, the theme of simple, minimalist look. The layout and overall vibe it gives definitely targets my audience and the public. I always keep my posts simple and straightforward, so the readers can read them effortlessly. I hope to perhaps narrow my audience and the public because it could surely help me to build and improve on my blog!




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