Process Post #2: The Online Self

Hello Everyone!

This is my second process post and I can definitely say that I have got used to more things, in terms of creating the blog that satisfies my expectations compared to last week’s process. As it took me quite some time to learn this new WordPress style of blogging, after playing with it for hours, I have learned what I needed to do. Also, I changed multiple themes because I realized the themes have different default of how the website is going to look like and the overall image. I have made my mind to stick with my ‘Olsen Light’ theme since it suits the image of simplicity and minimalist look.

To make my blog more visually appearing, I decided to create menus to help organize where I want my different posts to go. I have created different menus such as : Home, About, Blog Posts and Posiel. In ‘Blog Posts’, I will place my regular major content of my life. In the ‘Posiel’ section, I will post my weekly process posts, peer review assignments and essays that are required for my PUB 101 class.

What I wish to accomplish by next week is create a front page for my default home, make my sidebar more useful, perhaps putting my ‘About’ section there so it’s easier for users to look and be informed about me. Also, I would like to add more visuals to my blog in general because as of now, there’s lot of text and more visuals will be more appealing and attract more readers. Moreover, I will have to choose one of my social media that I’m going to promote my blog, which will probably be Facebook or Instagram. I do already have my Instagram connected to my blog, so if my readers desire to take a look at my Instagram, it’s easy accessible for them.

The reading “How I got my attention back” by Craig Mod made me think about my personal attention in my life. With the increase use of social media, I definitely realized that whatever I was doing, I had a thought of posting something on Snapchat or Instagram. Even when I go to concerts, nowadays, people are all busy filming on their smartphones to catch the moment, however it’s arguable that people are missing out of the actual moment. I admit that I have hard time staying away from my phone as I’m constantly on it everyday, but one thing I always try to avoid is starting off my day on my phone. I usually try to stay away from social media in the mornings because I think it’s better for my brain and my whole day in general to start off. I think I could be offline for a month if the conditions satisfied me, everyone else off their phone or I was at a place where there was no service or internet. However, it’s arguable to think about what I would spend all my spare time doing.

Anyways, thanks everyone for reading and I hope I made more progress by next week.

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