Process Post #11: Moderating your Commentariat

Community Guidelines:

  • No swearing, insulting others, including the blogger and other site users
  • Absolutely no racial, gender biased comments
  • Posting unnecessary and irrelevant questions that can harm others are NOT needed
  • Be friendly to others and think before you say something

These are couple community guidelines that I came up with for my blog. I want my blog to be a place where anyone could come in and enjoy the content that I create. Blogs shouldn’t be a place where people form arguments and be mean to others, so I thought these guidelines are appropriate for my blog and to the users!

A way to implement these guidelines are posting it into a section where people could easily look at it. Guidelines are there to follow and it should be easy to find and remind the users. Perhaps, a pop up message when people first visit the blog can be a very effective way to implement the message to the users.


Throughout the semester, I’ve struggled but tried my best to track my water consumption. I can definitely say that it’s not easy to track every single detail everyday. I had my ups and downs tracking my water consumption for the past few months. There are days that I paid more attention to track my water consumption and there were days that I completely forgot to track it. I realized that I should really try to drink more water daily and try to motivated. It was a tough challenge for me but at the end, I can say that compared to beginning of the semester and now, I do drink more water than previously. I think it’s because I’m constantly thinking that I have to track my consumption, I end up drinking more water than I normally do. It definitely was a tough one to track but it was well worth it to try throughout the semester!

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