Peer Review #3

For my third and last peer review, I got assigned to review Alice’s blog. Her blog can be found at Entering into Alice’s blog, I first noticed the big banner she had which said “Busy doing nothing”. Her blog was very unique and different from the other blogs I have seen. It wasn’t a lifestyle blog, food or beauty blog, which many students’ blog is about, including me. Alice’s blog focused on pop culture, American and Korean. She had playlist of her favourite songs, as well as section for K-pop. Alice also had a section saying ‘Korean’, which had dramas, reality, movies and game. She only had reviews of dramas and all of the other was blank. It was very interesting that she had a section of ‘Dear Diary’, which she had random bits of her interests in life. One thing I noticed was that the posiel posts were hidden, which I really enjoyed because it doesn’t confuse her audience.

I could definitely see a specific audience that Alice was targeting from her blog. It was very clear that her audience was targeting young people, who are into pop culture, especially Korean pop culture as well. The vibe I received from her blog was that it was very trendy. She focuses a lot on what’s trendy at the moment and relate it very well to upcoming events in Vancouver. I could definitely identify what her interests are and what kind of audience she is targeting! I noticed that she linked her Instagram and Twitter account, which is always a nice touch to add on a personal blog because it gives the feeling of connection to the audience and the blogger. As Boyd (2014) mentions: “They choose to share in order to be a part of the public, but how much they share is shaped by how public they want to be” (pg.203). By looking at her social media accounts, the readers could have a grasp of what kind of person she is, the personality and notice how much she wants to share with the public.

Alice also put a component of ‘Song of the week’, which plays a nice role to market what her blog is about and her interests are. When I first enter the blog, it does have a bit of a plain look. I respect that she likes the minimal, simplistic look (so do I), but it doesn’t have a strong impact from the main page. The top menu she has does give a glimpse of what her blog is about, however I think she could add more things to give a stronger impact for the audience. I also think that she could include a ‘Contact’ menu for her audience when they want to contact her for any reasons. One thing that came up to my mind that could be very interesting and useful for her audience is that, a menu (section) of simply focusing on upcoming events, whether that’s concert or new series of shows. I definitely think she could add more components to make a closer relationship with her audience, as it will help the blog grow. Overall, Alice’s blog is very unique and trendy! Great work.



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