Peer Review #2

This is my second peer review that I’m doing and I can say that I feel more comfortable reviewing someone else’s blog after the first one we did. After I heard very positive feedback from my previous peer review partner, I hope it goes the same for this one as well! For my second peer review, I got assigned to Trena Nguyen’s. Her blog can be found at

Trena’s blog is very simple and has a black and white theme to it. I think she used a very nice and simplistic theme that goes well with her lifestyle blog. Her theme allows to give enough white space to her blog, so it gives a white, canvas and clean look. I like the font that she used, not sure if it’s the default font from the theme she’s using. It’s very bold and clearly stands out from the white space. To add on, the layout of the posts are very easy to look at, like the wireframe boxes that Gertz talked about in his article. “The wireframes are flexible enough to accommodate variation…There’s room for interpretation in each section of the layout” (Gertz, T, 2015). The typography is great because it wasn’t hard for me to read her posts and there was nothing that made it difficult to understand text. Trena did very well on the usage of underline, bold, incorporating images, videos and such to attract the viewer’s attention and made it very eye catching.

The overall layout of Trena’s blog is easy to look at and clearly lays out the different sections to look at. However, I wished her menu appears at first, rather than by clicking it to the menu section. It makes it a little hard for readers to catch what kind of blog it is and what content it has by looking at the front page. I think the readers will appreciate it more if it has clear menus at first sight. She hasn’t posted too much yet so I don’t have that much to comment about her posts. However, I liked how on the main page, where you could scroll down and see the past post, there is an image for each one that relates with the post. Also, it makes it very eye catching that the image goes back and forth to the other side so the text is not just located at one side of the page. It’s much more dimensional to look at! Just like Gertz mentioned: “Choosing readable or expressive typefaces and proper use of white space is just as important as user flow. In fact, it’s a vital part of it” (2015). I think Trena did an excellent job laying out her posts, with the right amount of white space. The flow of the blog is very well coordinated and super attractive!

One thing that I found she did a great job was incorporating her social media to her blog! Because she has a social media pop up bar that shows up on the right bottom of the page always, at any time the viewers are able to access to her different kind of social medias and feel more connected with her. It’s definitely something that I have to improve on because I was struggling with the theme I’m working with and how it appears on my page. One thing that I want to say is that perhaps she should consider having the posiel posts not show up on the main page and have it mainly focused on her actual blog posts because it could confuse some readers with the process post and such showing up.

Overall Trena’s blog is very well designed and I really enjoyed reading her blog. Great job 🙂


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