Peer Review #1

For my first peer review, I was assigned to Baker Al-Naikb blog- Baker’s blog was very interesting, unique and had a totally different vibe from my blog. His blog was intended to inform audiences on doing ‘How to’ and different tutorials that the audience can learn from. I could definitely identify his cyber infrastructure since it’s so distinct and unique. The blog is very simple, yet well outlined and straightforward. I could tell that his blog is for certain type of audience and is not for everyone.

I really liked how he had a logo (on the top left corner) since it looked like it could portray him in real life. The overall theme of the website was very high tech looking, almost like he was running a small business by himself. His cyber infrastructure is very easy to define and detectable from his blog because his blog is very clear on whom he is and what his aim is for his audience. I could surely tell that he is very confident on his learnings and his work. In addition, I liked how he included ‘Contact’ section because since this is a blog where he is teaching and giving information to his audience, it allows the viewers to reach him when they had questions about his tutorials and provide him to build a further relationship.

The things he could improve on for his blog may be, adding more information on ‘About me’ section. I think he could add more things to structure his cyber infrastructure, perhaps more personal information about him so the readers could feel more connected with him. I think as of right now, he is the teacher and his audience are students, which could break the building of deeper and closer relationship with his readers. Also, I think he can add more content or attract viewers to come back in the future, rather than telling his audience: “this is the information, receive it and consume it”. A simple saying such as “Come back later for further projects and information” could make the viewers want to come back more and help him build his own community online. However, I don’t think he has yet to put up much content on his website or at least when I was writing this peer review because I couldn’t detect much. I could definitely tell that by creating his blog, it “…helps students build their own digital portfolio… [that] can contain text, images, video, and audio recordings, giving students opportunities to express themselves in a variety of ways beyond the traditional pen-and-paper test or essay” (Derakhshan, 2015) because he was very creative and had a very distinct cyber infrastructure.

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  1. My God Jennifer! that is by far the best peer review I’ve had so far at SFU. You hit every point with grace and accuracy.

    I have followed your advice, I’ve changed my contact form to a mailing list form which means I can notify my followers with any updates and hopefully that will attract them to come back.

    Also I have added some more to my ‘about me’ section.

    I’ve also added more content and I started to make video tutorials as well with the ‘how-tos’.

    I am experimenting with ways to add photos to my blog that would relate to the end user too.

    Thanks again for the feedback!


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