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I’ve recently made a visit to the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet that’s located in Vancouver, right beside the Vancouver International Airport. This outlet is fairly a new outlet that was built recently and is still in the process of opening many stores. Since the beginning, it opened a vast amount of stores in this big outlet and has many diverse types of stores that targets the young teenagers, people in their 20’s and even to the elderly. The outlet’s building and the whole atmosphere is an European style. It’s very sophisticated, yet contains a glimpse of the ‘Vancouver’ style. I don’t visit this outlet very often because it’s quite far from where I live but when I make a visit, I get quite excited because of the new stores that opens and couple brands that I love. I love finding great products at the outlet because you could snatch it for a cheaper price! A few brands that I always visit are: Nike, Ted Baker, Micheal Kors, etc. One thing that disappoints me about this outlet is that there aren’t many choices of food to eat. Although they have Japadog and couple other small restaurants, they don’t have a big food court or bigger restaurants.

It’s nice that they have a big store of Vancouver’s famous, Japadog, where people could sit down and eat between their shopping spree.

Hugo’s Churros is a must try dessert place in this outlet. Their store has a very nice white, clean, aesthetic feel and is very nice place to visit when you’re having a sugar craving while shopping! Their famous churros and churros ice cream is such a nice pick me up dessert and their staffs are super nice as well.

Also, during Christmas time, they had a massive Christmas tree up with beautiful lights for the visitors. I’ve heard that it was one of the biggest Christmas trees that was up last year!


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