Event: BewhY Concert

On January 21st, 2017, I went to a BewhY concert at the Vogue Theater. Many of you are probably wondering who BeWhy is. He is a Korean rapper that won the famous “Show Me The Money 5” competitive show, which is a show for rappers to come together and have battles to win the final place. After winning the first place, he has become very popular and had a title of ‘Super Rookie’ due to his rising fame in Korean society.

Although I was interested of going to the concert at first, I wasn’t planning to buy the tickets, however I was lucky enough to receive free tickets from my friend, so I went with my boyfriend. The Vogue theater was filled with many people, mostly Korean. There was an opening performance by a rapper, a friend of BewhY called Simba Zawadi and there was also a DJ at the concert as well.


I can definitely say that concert was a big success and it was super fun! It was about 2 hours long and it was very amusing as he rapped his many popular songs. He communicated with the crowd and I could definitely see that he was very happy and was having fun. BewhY mentioned that this was his first ever solo concert/showcase, so he was super honoured and happy about this concert in Vancouver. His songs were great, had no mistakes and simply amazing. All of the crowd enjoyed the concert and I wish I could see him again in the future! Out of the many concerts I’ve been to, it was definitely one of the fun and amusing one!

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