Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

Hey guys!

Today, I wanted to talk about one of my favourite dessert place in Downtown Vancouver.

If you live in Vancouver, you probably already heard about Nero Belgian Waffle Bar. It’s famous for its delicious and classic waffles they serve. They have two locations: Robson and Seymour. Due to high volume and its popularity among the people in Vancouver, they opened up a new store, which is located on Seymour street. They are both in the heart of downtown Vancouver, so many tourists and visitors can make a visit as well!

I’ve tried their waffles many times and I can definitely say that it’s one of the few waffles that taste great! Although I’ve never visited Belgium, I feel like Nero did a great job of giving the Canadian people a taste of what Belgium waffles taste like. The restaurant is always packed with people and often, there’s a waiting list, especially during weekend nights. However, the atmosphere of the restaurant is very energetic and fun! Not to mention, their staff are very kind and nice as well.

Here are the menus for the restaurant (found on

They have a variety of choices of their waffles to choose from. One thing that I haven’t tried are the Mini liege waffles. They are smaller version of the waffles and they sell them separately or I’ve seen, coated with chocolate. I also haven’t tried any savoury brussels waffles but I personally don’t like waffles in a combination with other food. I like waffles that are simply with ice cream and fruits, just like a simple dessert!

Here are the Nero Classics that I tried last time I made a visit:

Heaven and Bresilienne 

The Heaven is with the strawberries and as you can imagine, the combination of strawberries, whipped cream and waffles are amazing! We don’t need any more description. I think the picture explains it all!

The Bresilienne was surprisingly very tasty as well. The roasted hazelnut and caramel was a great choice to pair with their classic waffles.

All and all, I definitely recommend this dessert place if you are stopping by in Downtown Vancouver. It’s a great dessert place to hop by if you’re a waffle-lover like me! 🙂

Please comment below what other dessert places I should visit and recommend me your favourite menu!

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