Kobe Japanese Steakhouse

Hello to all the foodies out there!

I wanted to share my experience to the Kobe Japanese Steakhouse located at downtown Vancouver on 1042 Alberni St.  It’s located in a great spot, although it’s surrounded by the the famous Glowbal Restaurant Group. This restaurant is a fine dining restaurant along with the expensive price, however it’s not just about the food you eat. It’s about the experience you have at the restaurant. Kobe offers a teppanyaki, authentic Japanese style and the interior and the vibe the restaurant it gives is surely an authentic Japanese style- perhaps a short dip into Japan.

This was my first time going to the restaurant but it was my boyfriend’s 21st birthday, so we wanted to go somewhere special that we haven’t been to. Out of the many choices we had, we decided to go to Kobe because we wanted try the food as well as experience the teppanyaki style cooking, right in front of us. The tables are very small and tightly packed because for each table, there is a teppanyaki grill in the middle of the table that the chef cooks. It was quite an interesting and unique experience that we had at the restaurant because the chef interacts with the customers a lot and make funny jokes, shows off different skills and such. The food was incredible even though I’m not a huge steak person. The seafood they had were amazing and the steak was very different, in a good way compared to a regular steak that you’ll eat at The Keg.

Here are some pictures of the food:


Overall, this place was a great restaurant, despite the price tag, the experience and the service we had was amazing. I would rate this restaurant as 4.5/5 !


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