Process Post #9

This week’s lecture was extremely amusing and helpful. We had a guest speaker coming in to talk about how we can present ourselves to others. I personally always had a fear of speaking publicly in front of other, especially in a presentation style. I’ve never been too confident with myself speaking in front of many people and typically don’t do very well in my presentations. So, today’s lecture was very informative and important for me since we have a presentation coming up!

I learned so much about how we can present ourselves to others. I knew the attributes of what a good speaker should have, but it was always the problem of achieving those during my presentation. The tips and tricks he shared with us today have definitely helped me understand how I should portray myself to others. Keeping in mind that I’m always breathing, not fidgeting and having a personality when I speak, not simply reading off my notes.

I know this is going to be tough to achieve but after listening to his lecture, I actually felt more confident in myself and thought maybe I wouldn’t do so bad after all. Also, talking to other peers in our class and knowing that they all have the same nerve wrecking issues as me, it made me more comfortable presenting myself in front of them.

I think I would surely have to practice my presentation but not excessively, so I’m not memorizing everything and reading off a script. Also, I started to think about how I want to make my presentation. If I want to have a visual component such as PPT, video or anything else that can really portray myself and my brand. I realized that since this is a brand and a blog that I created, I really know what I’m going to talk about and I’m knowledgeable. It’s a matter of how well I can present myself to the panels and clearly giving the message and the value propositions to them.

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Peer Review #2

For my second peer review, I am reviewing Calvin’s brand, which is a website that reviews luxury real estate and luxury cars.

Firstly, I really loved the layout of his website. It was very white, simple and well displayed. His overall theme of black and white definitely helped to stand out the bold and vibrant pictures he used for his posts. Also, I really liked the typography and the font he used because I think it matches very well with his overall theme and what service he provides to his audience. However, I think he can increase the size of the title a bit to help the title stand out and catch the audience eyes.

Calvin’s brand is very unique and I can clearly define who the target audience is. It sure isn’t for everyone but it will be great for people who are interested in the luxury real estate and cars. From what I can see, he only has 5 content posts, so I hope he creates more content for his audience, making it more diverse, offering much more information. Also, I think that creating a top-down menu or a sidebar to separate luxury real estate and luxury cars can be beneficial and more organized, so the audience doesn’t always have to scroll down to see older posts. Other than that, this website is well constructed and well laid out- very simple to catch the information needed.

Furthermore, I really enjoyed how he linked the Twitter account to his website. A twitter account that’s actually for this brand.  Particularly because this was something that I was lacking myself, so it helped me to rethink about social media and how it can be used for my personal blog. This twitter account has a link to the website on the profile and frequently tweets with more content than his blog. I think if he tweets with a short description along with a link to the specific post, it can drive more audience and traffic directly to the website. Twitter is the only social media platform that is connected to his website and I wonder if he will open up any other platforms like Facebook or Instagram in the future. To add on, I don’t see any monetization for this brand yet (if I’m correct) but I believe that he can surely monetize this brand by sponsorships or partnerships with other companies.

Overall, Calvin’s Luxury Listing website is excellent and I love how clear you can identify his target audience. The layout of the website is well constructed and very eye-catching. I believe more frequent and consistent postings can doubtlessly be helpful to drive more audience to his website.

Calvin’s website:


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Process Post #8

This week’s lecture was definitely much needed to help understand what we need to catch up on and what they were looking for. Also, it got me started on thinking about the presentation that’s coming up in few weeks as well. After learning about how important visuals can play as a big factor to catch the audience’s eyes, I wanted to create more visual content for my blog. In fact, for the past two weeks, I’ve been creating a banner with a title for my post, to be a featured image. In that way, it catches the audience eyes quickly and tells what information is going to be given in this post. I think it plays a great role to showcase my posts on the front page of my blog. The latest one I’ve created is this one below:

During the tutorial, everyone had a chance to talk about their blog through one on one session. This was very helpful as well because I was a bit lost in creating my value propositions and the whole blog itself. I felt like I was lacking the identity part of my brand. My main content is Beauty, Food, and Lifestyle. However, I wasn’t sure if everything tied together. I talked with Trevor and realized that it might be too much to incorporate all three of them together, but at the same time, I didn’t want to let go of any one of them. After talking for a bit, we came to a conclusion that beauty and food is a lifestyle that I wanted to create and for my audience, therefore I can incorporate the lifestyle as pairing them together, rather than focusing on cultural events and what not. This really helped me clearly define what I wanted to as a whole and guided my path to define my brand!

I’m excited to create content for my lifestyle content because that was one thing that I was sure lacking because I didn’t know what to do with it. Also, since my path has changed a bit, I think my value propositions and my audience are different as well. I would have to update and fix couple things through my blog and my posts in the future for sure.

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Process Post #7

This week’s lecture was interesting but a bit confusing for me. To be honest, I had a hard time focusing because what the content of what the guest speaker was talking about didn’t really relate to me, yet.

However, I’ve been thinking deeply about the value propositions for my blog and how I could stand out from many of the lifestyle bloggers out there. Along with talking about our business canvas model and our second iteration of it, I realized that I wanted to define myself as a lifestyle blogger in Vancouver, who is also Korean. My ethnicity is something that I could be very confident about and make myself different from others. Therefore, I tend to focus a lot on K-Beauty products and review them from a Korean perspective.

This kind of relates to the lecture and made me wanted to do a research on other lifestyle bloggers in Vancouver. I think this research will help me clearly define my value propositions and how I could pitch my brand.

So far, this blogging experience and branding myself have been very fun, rewarding but difficult. I’m not too sure if I want to continue this after the class ends but it has been a great portfolio as well! If I wish to continue this blog, I will definitely have to monetize it in some way, so I’m not just doing this for my project at school.

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Process Post #6

Regarding this week’s lecture: I really loved and enjoyed listening to Tod’s lecture today. It was very amusing, fun but very informative on the work he does and how important it is!

The SWARM method is definitely something that I want to keep in mind for the future, either in my career and my blog. If in the future, my blog gets a lot of views and become very successful, this SWARM method will be great handling negative feedback from my viewers. I think this method is great for any negative situations that I will handle in the future.

Value Propositions. 

In this week’s tutorial and lecture, we talked about value propositions and I started to think about my value propositions for my brand.

What’s going to make you stand out from the crowd? I know there are numerous lifestyle bloggers in Vancouver, so I know as a fact that I have a lot of competitors to fight with. It’s hard to stand out from many lifestyle bloggers in the city, but I want to think myself as a bit ‘different’.

I focus my brand on providing reviews on restaurants, beauty products and any sort of cultural events that are happening within Vancouver. There are plenty of bloggers who write about this topic but I tend to focus my reviews based on a university student who lives in Vancouver. Therefore, someone who reviews a restaurant or a cultural event that doesn’t live in Vancouver might have a different opinion on it, so my audience gets more local perspective. Also, I write a lot of K-Beauty products. K-Beauty products are very trendy and hot lately, so as a Korean who lives in Canada, I can provide reviews of K-Beauty products along with Western makeup products as well. This makes me different from other bloggers because I specifically know more about K-Beauty products (history, what it’s made for, etc.) because I am a Korean myself. To add on, I try to write as simplistic and straightforward as possible so it’s easier to consume for my audience!

I think it’s important to think more deeply about the value propositions about my brand and incorporate them into my blog. I have to think in the shoe of my audience and think about why my brand should be better than hundreds of other bloggers out there!

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