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As of you guys know, I am Korean, living in Canada and I must admit that Korean beauty products are my favourite! There are so many Korean beauty products that are so affordable with great quality and overall, they have such a diverse range of products. I can definitely say that half of my makeup collection is Korean and whenever I visit Korea, I make sure I stock up on my favourite beauty products! Don’t get me wrong,  I love Western/American beauty products as well but something about Korean products interests me more because I think it suits me better because it targets to Asians skin tones and such. K-Beauty products have definitely been trending all over the world lately and it’s very interesting to see how many people love the products!

Here’s a sneak peak to my favourite K-Beauty products. It was tough to narrow it down, but I managed to pick my all time favourite 6 items.


Product #1 & #2:

#1: The eye shadow pallet is from Etude House. I’ve picked the shades I want individually and bought a separate quad pallet to put them in since it’s more convenient.  There’s a nice, big mirror (which I covered for photo purposes). This is my everyday neutral colours that I grab for in my make up routine!

#2: Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner, #1 Beige Shine by Clio. This is a champagne-pink eyeliner that I love to use as my inner corner highlight. It’s very subtle but enough to brighten my inner corner. It’s definitely a pick me up kind of product.

Product #3 & #4:

#3: Color My Brows Max #04 Natural Brown, by Etude House. This brow mascara is a very natural brow mascara and apply smoothly. I’ve used this product countless times and I’m still reaching for it. It’s such an affordable product that I can’t say no to it. I always need a brow mascara to help me match my hair colour and this product does the trick!

#4: Skinny Waterproof Mascara by Innisfree. This mascara has the tiniest mascara wand that you’ll ever see. It’s made to target the small lashes that you can’t get with a big mascara wand. I use it for my lower lashes and works wonders. It’s a great concept that works well with my short bottom lashes.

Product #5 & #6: 

#5: Akma Base Cushion, Lalavesi. Cushion foundation has been a trend that started the K-Beauty trend and hands down, this is one of the best cushion foundations in the market. This brand is a hard brand to reach, however their products are phenomenal. There’s a lot of formulas, colours to the actual cushion compact case you can choose from. It’s a medium to full coverage cushion foundation and I have definitely used more than 5 refills of this.

#6: Teatree Care Solution Essential Mask, MediHeal. This sheet mask has been my ultimate favourite sheet mask ever. I always stock up on this product whenever I make a visit to Korea. It calms the skin as well as moisturize it and fits to your face like a glove. The brand MediHeal is famously known for their sheet masks and has a massive collection of it. I highly recommend you try their sheet masks!


These were my top-pick K-Beauty products that I wanted to share with you guys. Let me know down below if you guys have Korean beauty products that you want to share or let me know which products I should try!

Always, Thanks 🙂


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