Yew Seafood + Bar

Hello again to all the foodies! Welcome back 🙂

Couple days ago, it was my 21st birthday and I wanted to share with you guys the birthday dinner I had!

This was my first time at the Yew seafood + bar restaurant and I was very excited to go! For any special occasions, I often go find a new seafood restaurant in Vancouver because seafood is my ultimate favourite. You can never go wrong! Yew seafood is located inside the Four Seasons Hotel, that is also connected to the Pacific Centre. Because it’s a restaurant in a high class hotel, I had high hopes for it and I can definitely say that it met up to my expectations! At first, I was very surprised with the interior and the aesthetic of the restaurant. It had a very high ceiling, extremely interesting interior inside but very luxurious. I also loved that it was an open kitchen, so you could see the chefs cooking the food and the kitchen’s environment as well. The service was also outstanding as my waiter was very kind and helpful to decide on our menus.

Here are some pictures of the inside of the restaurant:

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Process Post #10: Multiple Channels, Multiple Media

In Class Exercise:

TransCanada- Receives Presidential Permit for Keystone

Which platform would you use and Why would you use it?

My partner and I decided that we would create a campaign and post it on Facebook for this project because Facebook would be the most efficient way to provide information, focusing on the concept of promoting benefits and pros of this project. Also, promoting this campaign in the perspective of the citizens of United States & Canada, not just focusing on the business’ model and benefits. However, it’s important to provide information that attracts the stakeholders because essentially, it’s goal is engage key stakeholders and neighbors throughout the communities to obtain permits and approvals. Another social media platform we decided to use is Youtube.  A video campaign will be a very efficient way to promote this campaign because by providing with visuals and information about this project, it can catch people’s attention, providing images with future benefits that they could gain from this keystone pipeline project.

Providing images such as a map, where the pipeline will take in place and who will it affect will be very informative and information to the citizens. Perhaps images of the pipeline and details of the benefits the project could give are an essential factor to be an effective campaign. Also, sharing the video from Youtube to Facebook will be another great way to promote the campaign to a larger audience! Choosing the right platform to promote something, whether that’s a campaign, a product, a person or anything is a very important factor.

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Process Post #9: Editing & Genres

For this week’s process post, we were told to create a story out of media only, absolutely no text to create it.

Since my blog is a lifestyle blog which the audience can see a glimpse of my life, I decided to create the story from my daily life.



It’s been a while that I changed things up on my blog, so I’ve decided to change my front page picture. I’ve been very inspired of travelling as I have been planning my upcoming holidays during the summer! So, I decided to bring out one of my favourite pictures that I took in Japan when I went last year. I think the picture gives my blog a more cheerful and colourful look to my blog! I also downloaded the Jackpack plugin because it was recommended by a fellow classmate in our tutorial. She said it was a lot simple and easier than Google Analytics, so I decided to give it a try and see what it brings me. Also, I have installed the Hide Post plugin as well because I wanted to see how my front page would look with my recent posts. I wanted to hide all of my posiel posts on my front page because I didn’t want to confuse my audience with my school work that I was doing. However, when I put my latest posts on my front page, I rather thought it looked a bit messy and not organized. I didn’t really like the idea of how all of the posts showed up on the front page as it showed the whole blog post, not shortening them. I thought it was too much than I enjoyed and decided to stick with a static front page welcome sign for now. I think it looks a lot simpler and goes with what I want my blog to look like. I may change more things in the future as I play with more of the plugins and widgets on my blog, however I am pretty content with how my blog looks like right now!

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Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

Hey guys!

Today, I wanted to talk about one of my favourite dessert place in Downtown Vancouver.

If you live in Vancouver, you probably already heard about Nero Belgian Waffle Bar. It’s famous for its delicious and classic waffles they serve. They have two locations: Robson and Seymour. Due to high volume and its popularity among the people in Vancouver, they opened up a new store, which is located on Seymour street. They are both in the heart of downtown Vancouver, so many tourists and visitors can make a visit as well!

I’ve tried their waffles many times and I can definitely say that it’s one of the few waffles that taste great! Although I’ve never visited Belgium, I feel like Nero did a great job of giving the Canadian people a taste of what Belgium waffles taste like. The restaurant is always packed with people and often, there’s a waiting list, especially during weekend nights. However, the atmosphere of the restaurant is very energetic and fun! Not to mention, their staff are very kind and nice as well.

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Peer Review #3

For my third and last peer review, I got assigned to review Alice’s blog. Her blog can be found at Entering into Alice’s blog, I first noticed the big banner she had which said “Busy doing nothing”. Her blog was very unique and different from the other blogs I have seen. It wasn’t a lifestyle blog, food or beauty blog, which many students’ blog is about, including me. Alice’s blog focused on pop culture, American and Korean. She had playlist of her favourite songs, as well as section for K-pop. Alice also had a section saying ‘Korean’, which had dramas, reality, movies and game. She only had reviews of dramas and all of the other was blank. It was very interesting that she had a section of ‘Dear Diary’, which she had random bits of her interests in life. One thing I noticed was that the posiel posts were hidden, which I really enjoyed because it doesn’t confuse her audience.

I could definitely see a specific audience that Alice was targeting from her blog. It was very clear that her audience was targeting young people, who are into pop culture, especially Korean pop culture as well. The vibe I received from her blog was that it was very trendy. She focuses a lot on what’s trendy at the moment and relate it very well to upcoming events in Vancouver. I could definitely identify what her interests are and what kind of audience she is targeting! I noticed that she linked her Instagram and Twitter account, which is always a nice touch to add on a personal blog because it gives the feeling of connection to the audience and the blogger. As Boyd (2014) mentions: “They choose to share in order to be a part of the public, but how much they share is shaped by how public they want to be” (pg.203). By looking at her social media accounts, the readers could have a grasp of what kind of person she is, the personality and notice how much she wants to share with the public.

Alice also put a component of ‘Song of the week’, which plays a nice role to market what her blog is about and her interests are. When I first enter the blog, it does have a bit of a plain look. I respect that she likes the minimal, simplistic look (so do I), but it doesn’t have a strong impact from the main page. The top menu she has does give a glimpse of what her blog is about, however I think she could add more things to give a stronger impact for the audience. I also think that she could include a ‘Contact’ menu for her audience when they want to contact her for any reasons. One thing that came up to my mind that could be very interesting and useful for her audience is that, a menu (section) of simply focusing on upcoming events, whether that’s concert or new series of shows. I definitely think she could add more components to make a closer relationship with her audience, as it will help the blog grow. Overall, Alice’s blog is very unique and trendy! Great work.



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